Sunday, May 9, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Oh this has been a great week for thrifting!  Too busy shopping to photograph it all - I will pick out my favorites and post next week I think.

Discovered some great op shops at the Gold Coast when I went down to pick up my littlies from their holiday with my Ma.  Might be worth another drive in future - is that a bit strange?  Most people go to the Gold Coast to go to the beach, not visit op shops....

Anyways, scored this little tea set for the Little Miss.  She is a bit obsessed with tea cups and the like at the moment, as we are having a Mad Hatters Tea Party for her birthday in July.  We are scrounging the oppies for tea cups and saucers to use at the party and to make into take home gifts.  

She is a good op-er, my Little Miss, "oh Mummy, this tea cup is just divine is it not..."

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  1. i agree - now if only I could opshop a lot more... the careflight bear I got was from an oppie in the northern end of the coast... GOT TO LOVE IT!!

  2. We are also having a mad hatters tea party for our daughters birthday in june. it would be great to share some ideas. I will be posting some photos of my progress so far on my blog soon.

  3. A friend of mine had a tea set from when she was a child and I always admired it. I only ever had a plastic set. Yours is so sweet. Having a fabulous tea party.

  4. Wow - thats such a great find!!!

  5. what a darling little tea set! i love checking out op shops when i'm on holidays, even if i've only got a few minutes to just never know!

  6. Such a lovely little tea set! She's bound to love it. Hope you have a wonderful week :)

  7. Those cups are cute, perfect for a tea party.

    I like that they are so thick and round.

  8. and and how divine it is! Great find and well done in corrupting your little one so young to love op-shopping!

  9. what a great party theme! Also glad I am not the only one who plans parties so far in advance!
    I still treasure my china tea set that I had when I was a child. SO much so that I have not let my kids play with it, very much against the norm for me as I normally let them get into everything.


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