Friday, May 7, 2010

Doily Dog

My Mothers Day gift to my lovely Ma.

(Gifted early, so I can now reveal!)
I have named him "Doily Dog", and he was hard to part with!

Made up of Lotta Jansdotter remanants, vintage materials (buttons, doily's and wool), he was my answer to what to give the woman who makes so much great stuff herself.

Happy Mothers Day Ma - we all love and adore you, thank you for blessing our lives xx


  1. that's a beautiful post & gorgeous little dog!

  2. Doily Dog is beautiful! Perhaps you will need to make another for yourself.

    Thanks for visiting my blog Tracey, and for your lovely comment.

  3. Aww look at your mum, she's gorgeous! What a sweet gift for mother's day. enjoy your weekend x

  4. That is the best gift, I bet she was thrilled. Happy mothers day to you too, I hope you get spoiled rotten.

  5. What an ace gift. I love and adore it... and I just know that your Mama will too.

  6. Adorable! Happy Mother's Day! xo m.

  7. Doily dog is so sweet. As you would know, I'm a sucker for anything involving a doily!
    Thank-you for popping in and saying hello at the markets yesterday. It was so lovely to meet you. I always enjoy meeting my bloggy friends. I hope you are enjoying your new Pear Cushion. Have a lovely Mother's Day.
    Melinda xo

  8. Oh, i love the dog, how sweet!


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