Monday, May 10, 2010

clothing my littlies for winter

As the weather is getting cooler we all seem to be going through our wardrobes for a bit of a pre-winter clear out.  My little people appear to have become much less little over the past year - funny how they do that! 

Now you know I love a good thrift shop, but since moving back to this sunny state, there appears to be a distinct lack of quality second hand kids clothes. In previous years down south this has not been a problem.

So I am thinking it is time to start a bit of winter sewing. Now, because I really would prefer to be making something else, I thought I would join elsie marley and friends and have a bit of accountability encouragement for this. 

Ok, so a week of kids sewing, an hour a day - think I can almost do that.  I have fabric, I have patterns and Elsie Marely has much in the way of inspiration and kids tutorial links - so worth a look, even if you are not challanging yourself to not buy new stuff.

Tonight, I think I will start on a tunic for the little Miss...

She would look super in this tunic from the textured leaf

Thanks for the pattern idea Wendy!

Trace xx


  1. Oh, so sorry Trace. Ive only just now seen your message.
    The answer is yes, of course.
    I suppose you could add an image even now if you liked.

  2. I've also decided to sew for my kids for winter, but I'm finding it very addictive - and we haven't been able to eat at the table all week! It's covered in my sewing stuff - and there's still more I want to do before I put it away!

  3. Hope your kids still have room to eat and I would love to see that tunic when it's done.


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