Monday, June 20, 2011

An Ode to Primer

Primer, how much do I love thee?  I paint you on my glossy, pre painted surfaces.  Photo frames, shiny wooden furniture, laminated surfaces.  You stick to them with ease, you spare me many hours of sanding.  Whatever top coat I wish to use, it will bond to you and hold on for dear life.

My bestie told me about Zinsser, about its superior ways.  It was love at first brush stroke, I am now smitten...

Primer, how much do I love thee?  I found primer can also help make up stick to my blotchy, downy face.  How many years did I go with a patchy, grainy, foundation smeared nose before I found MAC make up primer? Due to you, my make up love, my made up face is smooth and blemish free without a pancake in sight.

I bid you adieu, to you and to you,

Trace xx

Please note dear readers that this ridiculous post is entirely unsponsored and is brought to you tonight by the pure love of primer.


  1. You make me laugh girl!!! :) I might just have to give your primer a go some time. I have always wanted to givet things a makeover, but have been too chicken (I get so much satisfaction from watching you do it! ;) tee hee hee).
    Don't forget to pop me an email soon :)

  2. I do love a bit of primer on the paint front. The paint primer I know but I use a similar Mac product (Strobe Liquid Lotion, which is not as disco scary as it sounds but rather gives a natural glow). Might give yours a go next time round as it sounds like it has a little extra something again, which, unfortunately, I could do with!

    If you liked Rosenblum, you should give Helen Simonson's Major Pettigrew's Last Stand a go. In the same zone and utterly lovely.

  3. I'd never heard of primer for your face and long ago a gave up with foundation as I hated how it went all blotchy on my nose. Will have to try it out. Have you ever heard of Annie Sloan paint? No primer needed, just paint onto any clean surface - perfect for lazy people like me! x


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