Sunday, April 3, 2011


 I love eggs.  The Mr is a whizz at poaching them, he follows Julia's method.  On sourdough toast they are the perfect breakfast.  A top a salad of rocket, spinach, or watercress, sprinkled with shavings of parmesan cheese and seasoned with cracked pepper, poached eggs make a delicious lunch.

Fresh eggs are the best.  I cannot come at using the supermarket variety in anything but baking.

  These eggs came from a new friend.  She has starting coming over once a week to talk with the Mr and I about church, religion and the Bible.  Last week she bought eggs with her.  She had me sussed pretty quick, I think, and knew the eggs would go down well.

And while we are on eggs, I am still pondering whether to get started on painting my chairs duck egg blue.  I mean, there are 8 chairs, with lots of fiddly bits, oh the time commitment!  First I have to find the perfect shade, almost a whitish-grey I think, with just the palest hint of blue.  The linen in my picture is getting close to it.  Any suggestions are more than welcome.

Trace xx


  1. duck egg blue is just gorgeous in my book. On Friday night on Ch72 on '60 Minute Makeover' the designer did up the guest bedroom is duck egg blue with a dramatic black Laura Ashley wallpaper on a feature wall - in a word the room was STUNNING!!! If you can be persuaded to do the fiddly time consuming stuff then I say YES paint the chairs!!! TK xx

  2. How wonderful to be able to get fresh eggs. I love that shade of duck egg blue,its beautiful!

  3. Another vote for duck egg blue - it's one of my favourite colours!
    I first learnt to make poached eggs last year using Julia's method also. The woman is a genius with eggs:) Her hollandaise sauce, omelette and scrambled eggs are to die for!

  4. love duck egg blue! Yes paint the chairs, will be worth it.

  5. What colour are you chairs right now? And what colour is the table? I love duck egg blue (though perhaps a less grey version than what you would like)- but to visualise it with your other pieces will help you to decide. :) That doesn't help you much does it! lol Sorry.
    I have to laugh... I was thinking about "60 Minute Makeover" too... but I was thinking of the one from last night where they used lots of dark Chocolate colours and naturals... (Although I did love that Laura Ashley wall papaer)
    Whever you do - the outcome has to work for you, no matter what everyone else says. Set your own style.

  6. Fresh eggs are pretty special. Our chooks are getting to the end of the laying period. :(. Not sure whether the kids will let us get new 'laying' chooks though...

    I think the duck egg blue chairs sound beautiful.


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