Monday, March 21, 2011

DIY Kitchen Makeover

Last week I hinted that the kitchen was getting a wee make over.  You see last week the fridge broke down, just like that, and as much as I hate the whole chuck it away if it does not work mentality, alas there was little point to fixing her*.

The new fridge being much wider required some, um, kitchen cabinentry modifications.
The Mr was having a  busy week, and was not all that happy about my reno plans, so it was up to me to rip down the old fridge cabinet.  While I was at it, I decided to rip down some more cabinets, as you do, 'cause one likes the open shelving look and I was on a roll by that point.

Not much of a before shot, I am afraid, I was much to busy for that.  If you go over to this photo, you can see some of the "old" kitchen in the background.

In 3 days I had a shiny new stainless steel fridge, new shelving, and new kitchen lighting (that was the last flickering circular fluro left in the house) a monumental first for the bountifully household, as such things usually remain a work in progress for months and months (sometimes even years...)

Here she is, ain't she grand?

DIY kitchen make over

Oh, more of those sexy Ikea shelves...

DIY kitchen make over/ IKEA LACK open shelving

And to alleviate any guilt over the old shelving, I shall post the uses I have found for it around the house later in the week.
Still waiting for picnic-y weather to photograph the vintage sheet picnic blankie.

Trace xx

*The chaps who took my old fridge away assured me it would be used for spare parts and the remainder was to go into scrap metal, so I do hope it is not laying in landfill somewhere.


  1. It's so lovely! I love the look of open shelves and love that you took it upon yourself to do it! I have a bad habit of reading blogs on my phone which makes it very hard to comment, but please let me assure you that I enjoy each of your posts! Your "conversations" were amusing and real!

  2. our kitchen is ummm shall we say 'retro'!!! We have plans, big plans ...but the Mr is an ex-cabintemaker and just a wee bit fussy....he would rather do it its on the cards...thats a start....your new look is wonderful!! TK xx

  3. Your lovely kitchen is inciting all sorts of kitchen jealousy over here. It looks great. Loving those open shelves and all your pretties on them. :)


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