Sunday, March 20, 2011


 Today, the girl at the check out asked me what I was doing with the rest of my day.
"Going to Church" I replied.
She seemed a bit shocked, but recovered to ask what time it started.
"10 am, and today, we are having lunch together afterwards". I point to the bread sticks I was purchasing.
"Bummer, that will take up your afternoon then" she answered.
It was my turn to be shocked, but I recovered to correct her, "I love hanging out with people from my Church, there (like) family"

Another woman, at the service station, said she loved my purse.
"Where did you get it?"
"Online, it came from the USA".
"Oh, can you tell me what site?"
"How do you spell that?"
"E-T-S-Y dot com"
She writes it down, she is going to look it up.  I walk away smiling, wondering how long she will lose herself in the treasures of Etsy.

To a friend today I say "Oh dear, I am such an air head, it is a mystery to me how I ever got through med school."
She replies in all honesty "I have wondered that, too."
I am a little surprised until I realised I asked for it.
She recovers to say "I am sure you are focused there, I have seen you focus before".

It rained and rained this weekend, the picnic was cancelled.  Eventually.
My good friends, who had organised the picnic, are persistent.
I shared with my friend "I am relieved you cancelled the picnic".  She looks a little puzzled, it is pouring down rain,she says, "there is no way we could have taken the children and entertained them under the veranda of the winery, not these (our collective) kids anyway."
I recount the time she I went camping when we were 16, "it rained, and rained, and still you ran outside of the tent every time the rain stopped for a moment to try and light the camp fire..." She smiles, she had forgotten that.

To the same friend, I am fiddling with her hair, making braids.  She says "I love people doing my hair."  I say, "if you moan, I'm gonna stop doing this."

No picnic rug pictures, but some pictures of The Boy, he is pretty gorgeous, me thinks.

Hope your weekend was an enjoyable one.

Trace xx


  1. Wonderful conversations! Isn't it interesting how some people think church and church-goers are boring. I love the med school and focusing - only a true friend would get away with that one! LOL

  2. Love this post! I'm sure we could all fill a book with moments like those. Ooh, a project to pursue perhaps? :)

  3. These little snippets have made me smile on this grey, dreary, sick morning. Thank you :)


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