Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Delightful Saturday

Me and my Bestie, four child free hours, oh the possibility!

We started off here, some of my favourite stalls...

Had lunch at the Pearl Cafe, Woolloongabba,


Mmmm, I love this place!  Roasted vegetable bubble and squeak (!) with a poached hens egg and watercress.  Delighful.  The coffee was also perfect and my dessert, pear and pistachio cake, was moist and all the things a cake should be.

food 043.jpg


Browsed the local shops including Absolutely Fabulous, and ended up at the local oppie, where I bought these LPs.  Not because I want to play them, but more for the cover designs.

Are they not delightful?  I am going to frame them (I am thinking square RIBBA frames from Ikea ) and pop them on the wall next to this poster.

More opted finds at Sophie's place

oh, some people were troubled over the lack of fridge photo in my kitchen DIY post, so just for you, Bungalow Girl, here is the link...


  1. They would look lovely framed. I was looking at ome kids singles this week, but they were so battered, not a snice as yours

  2. Great minds think alike Trace, I was at the WAC today sans children as well. Isn't it wonderful. I brought home a gorgeous vase. Love the album art- the colours are lovely. Also thanks for that fridge photo- isn't it EL SWISHO? Now I officially have both pantry (thanks to St Johns wood) and fridge envy!

  3. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

  4. I, too, am a serial records-for-the-covers purchaser (but the Mr occasionally listens). So impressed how you make four kid-free hours work!

  5. I was interested to see photos of But-Har-Gra on your blog, which I'm featuring on my blog today.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  6. i'm loving the first image for its set-up. looks like a grand place and all... n♥

  7. Those covers will look really cute framed!!


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