Monday, January 10, 2011

And Were Back...

The Bountifully household has spent a most fabulous and joyous month or two.  More to come on our Tasmanian  food and wine trek, though for now I do declare that I am in love with the apple isle and all her historic buildings, cold climate wines, berries and cheeses...

Back at the little house I have been pottering, re arranging and the like.  I wanted to show you this dear little table, gifted to me by my dad for Christmas.


It once belonged to my Grandparents and was previously coated in many, many layers of enamel paint.  As a teen I once tried to remove some of these layers, but as teens do, soon tired of the task.  My dad arranged for the paint to be removed for me and here she is, waiting for a fresh coat of paint (white of course, apologies to the purest of antique lovers out there, though the top I shall varnish, so I hope I shall be forgiven).

The French linen teatowels were gifted by my grandmother and the old case was a lucky road side find.  Speaking of cases, oh how many the LittleMiss and I found on the road side last year!  Oh the horror to see them collapsing under the torrential rain, though we did manage to salvage a few.


The top shelf of my living room display case.  The pine cones were collected in Tasmania, and the other bits of nature from various walks with the children.  Do you see the twiggy stick in the tall white vase - it from a branch of the peach blossom tree in the grounds of But Har Gra.  I think it is most lovely to have momentos such as these to remember holidays and the like.

Trace xx


  1. What wonderful treasures you have.

    While living in Perth I scavenge lots of those old cases left out on the curb (lucky not much rain there). Now back in Melb they are so useful for storage as they stack nicely.

  2. The table is lovely and will look beautiful painted white! What a wonderful gift. All your other treasures are sweet too. Isn't it wonderful to be able to feather our nests with such meaning?


  3. I'm loving your blog and that beautiful table (and your lovely touches). xx


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