Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Self Stitched Wardrobe Update

Hands up who loves yummy packaging?! 

 Yesterday I found my way over to Gardams fabrics in Indooroopilly.  I bought my wedding dress (many moons ago I might add) from Gardems when it was closing down in Brisbane City.  

I always loved going there, sometimes with the Crafty Mother, other times with girlfriends looking for formal dress fabric.  I was surprised to learn recently that Gardams had reopened in the city, and in Toowoomba and Indooroopilly.  I had it on good authority that if self stitching was the way I was going, then I must wander the aisles of Spotlight no further and get myself over to Gardams.

I am mighty glad I did.  

Greeted immediately by a friendly shop assistant, I remarked "Oh, it is like being in a lolly shop!"  She smiled knowingly, and left me to wander, touch and generally get all inspired like.

Another assistant spent much time measuring me, and the wrap dress I was wearing, to help me decide how much fabric I needed to copy it.  She then bustled about finding me thread and notions and lining.  No one has ever helped me like that at Spotlight.   Do not get me wrong about Spotlight, if you want good priced fabric and like to be left alone, then this is your place.  It is like comparing apples and oranges, now isn't it?

Of course, I paid more for my fabric - however, no where near as much as I was expecting.  I think both of the fabrics I bought were about $18-20 a meter.

And look at the lovely packaging!  Packaging people! Paper and string!  I skipped my way home feeling very much like I had stepped into the 1950s...

While we are considering vintage-y vibes, looks at the presentation of this Colette pattern that was waiting in the mail box for me after my little fabric jaunt.  Inside there is a booklet with clear instructions, glossary and good quality pattern paper.  
Now regarding my first project, 'twas a bit of a flop - due to poor fabric choice I believe and me neglecting to make a muslin first....  On first wear I was covered with fluff after an hour or two and the too big waist band was driving me crazy.  Let us learn that in future we will consider our fabric wisely and make up a muslin (trial garment in inexpensive fabric) first....

Hoping you are all having a fab day!

Trace xx


  1. Wow--you wrote this tomorrow for me. Love the fabric--love the packaging! My LFS carries those patterns and I have some crazy vintage linen that those patterns could class up! I'm going to suggest some packaging like that!!!

  2. I have been to the Twba Gardams only twice because it's all so lovely and hence, a little bit dangerous. I really want to go again now though! Not sure if I should thank you - but those fabrics are gorgeous.

  3. Oh wow... now THAT IS a parcel. I wouldn't be able to open that straight away... it would take me at least days, possibly weeks.

  4. Such beautiful fabric, such beautiful packaging... can't wait to see the finished product!


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