Monday, November 8, 2010

Hanky Blanky?

Another baby gift to show you today.  This little cot blanket with its wonky piecing was made for my neighbour, who managed to produce a sweet little girl after two very boisterous boys...

Made from vintage handkerchiefs and sheets, and some of the left overs from my "Sweet" quilt.  The back is vintage flannel and the inner is cotton calico to make it more useful for our Brisbane temperatures.  To help hold it all together, I ran a few rows of hand quilting across it and machine bound the edges.

I was a bit nervous that she would not like it.  It is hard making gifts that are very much your own style, you really put yourself out there.  Anyways, I need not have worried as she adores it (apparently hankies are special to her as her late grandmother always gave them to her...)

I seem to have picked up some nasty flu, so crafting this week will be restricted to the sofa with my hook and cotton, as the crochet Hexies are just the thing when you are feeling poorly.

Hope you have a fab week!

Trace xx


  1. I have been saving hankies for a few months with the same thing in mind. yours looks lovely. have a great week, hope that nasty lurgy gets gone.


  2. It's adorable! What a wonderful gift. Hope the flu passes quickly, but make the most of your crochet time in the meanwhile! :)

  3. I absolutely adore this hankie quilt......just wondering how many hankies would be needed to do a QUEEN SIZED QUILT!! Rest up, sip quality tea, listen to quietly playing angel music & hope you are on the mend soon, TK xx

  4. Hope you feel better by now =) I looooooove this blanket and the little crocet motife you added to it - very sweet!

  5. What a lovely idea and a clever name! I'm sure this will inspire lots more collectors of vintage hankies to turn them into a blankie!
    Teresa x

  6. Hope you're feeling better.
    I adore your hanky quilt... so much so that I was looking out for some at the oppy this week. No luck... will keep looking.


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