Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Sweet Quilt is completed!  This has to be my favourite quilt ever.  I love the colours, I love that I hand quilted it, I love that the backing is a vintage sheet gifted by my Granny.

Made from one Layer Cake (purchased pre Utmost Challenge, I remind you!), the design is my own.  I think it would make a great first quilting project, especially as you can achieve the "scrappy" look without having to wait to accumulate enough scraps.

Now I have a certain Hexagon quilt (and now a crochet blanket too), but they will not be completed for some time to come.

I have a nice pile of vintage sheets accumulating - I just need a couple more to have enough variety to start my next quilting project (I appear to have NO luck at finding any lately).

Trace xx


  1. Oh it's adorable! Love your design. Care to share it?

  2. Lovely quilt Trace. Yes, it would make a great first quilt.

  3. Your quilt looks gorgeous, i love the design and such lovely fabrics !

  4. Wow! I love this quilt it's gorgeous!

  5. Wow. Such a super impressive quilt! You've done a great job.

    Good luck finding some more vintage sheets. Best not look at my recent blog post about what came in the mail...


  6. I adore this quilt so much. It is stunning. I love the colour. I love the backing. I love it all.
    Bravo Tracy - this quilt is uber ace indeedy!


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