Thursday, October 28, 2010

Creative Space:Little Projects

 A few little project happening here at present.  There has been a bit happening, deadlines, illness, appointments... You know the stuff that often seems to all come at once?  I am finding little projects that can easily be completed soothing.  Do you see I am back with the hook again?  

{The little motifs are part of the Hexagon slow burn project. Crochet jar cover inspired by dottie angel.      The squirrel design is from my latest library book, "Made in France".}

Kirsty is back on the hook also, you may want to pop over and check out some other spaces at Kootoyoo.

Trace xx


  1. I am adoring your creative space! Love the jar jumper & the colours of your hexagons are beautiful. Those squirrels look very sweet too, such delicate work..

  2. what a cute little crochet jar cover. perfect to keep the crochet hooks in and knitting needles in! So inconvenient when life keeps interrupting the more important projects like crafting isn't it!?

  3. Sweet mosaic of your lovely crochet and stitching. The hook is a bit addictive, no?

  4. I am not one for the hook, great work. Charmaine

  5. Gorgeous space!
    I love the motifs.
    Have a happy weekend.

  6. Oooh... I borrowed "Made in France" a little while ago too. It was such a lovely book! Love your squirrels.
    Hooking is so good when life gets busy - love the jar.


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