Thursday, September 9, 2010

Creative Space:White

White appears to be the new vogue here at the bountifully household
French Doors, Shelving are loosing their au naturel to take on 
a more Scandinavian hue perhaps?

I am to be found in what ever snippets of time I can wangle
paint brush in hand
brush strokes at the the ready

So today I am hoping the boy will permit a few strokes
oh, and we will have to venture towards the shoppo for some fiber stuffing
to accommodate the number of cushions being churned out here.

 the trestle table is still in progress,
we have the legs and a rather flaky top, waiting to bring the barn doors up to usable standard

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  1. I love the idea of freshening it up with a splash of white.
    Makes me look around at my place with different eyes.
    Loving your homey, nesting space.

  2. Oh my boy would not let me paint anything around our house. Everything here is natural wood - possibly a bit too much I think. Look forward to seeing the cushions you are churning out.

  3. I hope you have found some quiet moments to indulge in your brush strokes.

  4. Oh I love your space! The tressle sounds like it will be amazing!

  5. I am loving trestle table with fab tablecloth next to 'girl guide hall memories' seat... Super

  6. Yes, yes if in doubt paint it white I say.

  7. I love painted wood. Alas, my husband prefers au naturale. So I have to do it on the sly. Enjoy yourself!

  8. I love white too. I can never decide so I go always go with white... but be careful - there are so many shades of white!!! Who'd a thought it???

  9. Sounds gorgeous! I was actually eyeing of your table cloth too:)

  10. I am loving your refesher of white..It's beautiful!

  11. Looking forward to seeing the results of your endeavours. You can't really go wrong with white!
    Teresa x

  12. So glad I've found your blog! White french doors are beautiful. I had them in my bedroom when I was young, how I miss them!

  13. 'Yum' to everything you say! White is the only option around here - there’s too much stuff for any other option...


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