Thursday, July 29, 2010

{creative space:ripple-ish-ness}

Why hello there, creative type people!
What are you up to today?

My bit of creative-ness is a bit of crochet ripple-ish-ness.

The cross stitch is going oh so fine, thanks for asking!
will show you the final product soon-
it was a great, get it done, type of project,
and Frenchy to boot.

Back to the crochet...
I have had issues with the ripple pattern in the past,
mainly just what to do when you get to the end of each row...
I always seemed to lose a stitch somewhere.

Of course, Lucy from Attic 24 has come to my rescue,
with her ever so easy to follow pattern,
abounding with pictures to show us visual types.

If the ripple has ever got you beat,
go take a looksy at Lucy's pattern.

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Trace xx


  1. Hello! Glad to find your lovely blog! theres nothing I like more than a blog with pictures of lovely crochet!
    Have a great day XX

  2. Looks lovely! Well done on mastering a new skill!

  3. I am the same!! I can crochet for ever if I am doing a granny or going in circles, but doing a row....befuddles me! Good luck! You're doing reat obviously so far.


  4. Love all those tones, so warm and pretty to boot:)

  5. Looking lovely! Yes, Lucy has great tutorials but havent tried a ripple, yet!

  6. Gorgeous rippling! I've never tried it.

  7. I love the ripple blanket and your colours, I'm still at the granny square phase but this pattern is lovely. Lucy's blog is great!

  8. Love a crochet ripple, I'm yet to try a ripple blanket though, it's on my "To Do' List. Nice selection of colours, your crochet is beautiful. I love trawling through Lucy's blog it's so inspirational and swamped with beautiful colours.

  9. I love Lucy's ripple pattern and I love the colours you are using. It looks fantastic.

  10. Beutiful ripples! The colours go so well together!

  11. Your ripples are looking amazing. Beautiful. I'm hoping my crochet skills will be up to the task of a ripple blanket in 2011.

  12. Those ripples are looking good! I've discovered Lucy at Attic 24 and am about to tackle a granny stripe blanket. Wish me luck!

  13. I'm a lovin your ripple. I've never made one myself but I have heard they can be tricky. I do love those patterns of Lucy's though.
    Have a great week.

  14. ahh, I love looking at crochet! wish I could do it though.

    I haven't been getting your blog updates in google reader, not sure why.

  15. Love-Attack! It's looking so gorgeous! Go YOU! Yay! The ripple is one of my very faves and yours is one of my very faves too! x


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