Friday, May 14, 2010

white frames

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Remember my thrifted frames?

Well here they are after a few coats of white paint.

I am feeling pretty chuffed at the result - and all for about $10 (the paint was left over from painting our house).

Starting my thifty challenge has been such a great thing for me.  I am definitely thinking twice before buying and planning ahead, not just buying new so I can have it now, but being patient and looking in op shops, garage sales and ebay.

Now these white frames are destined to be part of a picture wall in my lounge room.

Hopefully soon, as things like this have a long lag time over here at the bountifully household.

I think what makes a hodge podge of frames work is a unifying colour.  Though I am also going to add a few vintage silver frames for interest.

This frame started out as just a bit of fun

I actually broke the glass trying to get the back off the old frame.  Recently the little Miss and I were doing a bit of scrappy collage and I randomly mod podged fabric onto the broken frame.

Not sure what to do with it now, any suggestions?

I am thinking of backing it with cork and using it for a note board or perhaps attach a backing with little hooks and use it to hang my ear rings?

Have a great day,

Trace xx


  1. Attaching cork and using it as a note board is a great idea! Much prettier than the ones you buy with the plain border. :)

  2. loving the frames. I would say cork forthe mod podge frame also - it would be a great! I am a fan of cork boards though and my earring collection is small.... Alternatively, have you checked out where there are some great ideas for displaying your kids art....

  3. love the white frames!
    I did a corkboard frame, stuck fabric to a corkboard & added it to a frame.

    come to think of it, I never showed the finished frame.

    have fun

  4. Love your frames particularly the scrappy frame. I was just going to suggest putting a photo in it without the glass but a cork board is a great idea!


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