Monday, May 24, 2010

My Room With a View...

I think we all need a little restful place
as spot devoid of toys, children's books and little clothes
a place to sleep, to dream, to retreat.

I have been working on making my bedroom a little more restful
When we moved last year, I suddenly decided my bed should be white, so I drove the Mr mad
insisting I paint it before it was reassembled.

We are blessed with high ceilings in our house and when looking for what to furnish my windows with, I decided I liked the billowy look of curtains over blinds.

Recently I decided to mount them up high - I love, love this now, it adds more drama and substance to the room and shows off the high ceilings. Unfortunately now the curtains are too short and I will have to trim them in something. Preferably vintage, will have to keep an eye out of the right thing...

this is a little spot just for me - fabulous pear cushion from Moose and Bird, the other two are of my own design - you might recognise the vintage wattle fabric from this post.

We scavagned the ottoman off the roadside a few years ago.  It is in need of a proper covering.  I am thinking something like this would be perfect (image from Patch Andi)

hope your week is fabulous and a bit of creating is getting done

Trace xx 
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  1. It does look a restful place to be. Love the corner with all your lovely cushions...

  2. Its lovely Tracey , very calm & peaceful. Love the quilt, did you make it?

  3. Sigh .... your bedroom looks very restful. I know what you mean about a space to call your own (without toys, washing waiting to be folded, bills to pay, dishes to wash ....)
    Better get back to it~!

  4. What a lovely room, love the high curtains and that picture of the ottoman cover is gorgeous, what a great way to use patchwork.

  5. I like the idea of at least one room in the house being comfortable, tidy and MINE - and we are planning a reno so that MAY come true - very inspired by your space and ah, I saw that ottoman cover too - very special. You're doing well there my dear.

  6. i love this post...
    i too love serene rooms...

    esp. the bedroom...
    your quilt on that bed is so pretty, did you make that! and i absolutely love the pear!

    okay ,that about covers it!
    ciao bella!
    creative carmelina

  7. What a special space! Love all of your cushions...and your quilt! Hope you have a lovely Wednesday :)

  8. BOOKMARKED in my home decor inspiration section! Love everything! Looks so calm and tranquil. Great colour scheme. xx m.

  9. It looks gorgeous! Like the perfect retreat.I have no such space but I am so inspired by yours to start thinking about creating one. Love everything in yours.


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