Saturday, April 24, 2010

Roasted Flour Biscuits

Roasted flour? Have you ever heard of doing this and baking with the resultant flour?  
Today I am at home, alone, cooking up a multicourse French dinner party for my birthday boy Mr (hmm, yes, more about the dinner party next week!)
Anyways, this post at the enigmatic Chocolate and Zucchini, caught my eye.  She had me with "notes of chocolate and hazelnut" could be attained with roasting the flour.

Oh you must, must try this.  As soon as you can, does not take long, if you have the oven on cooking something else, pop the flour in to roast and make these biscuits.  You must, promise, ok? You will not be disappointed!
Happy long weekend

Trace xx 

ps click on the image credit to go to the recipe 

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