Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Those in the know will already appreciate my love of flea markets and op shops.  Today I thought I would join in with Sophie and see what others have been finding.

This frame is destined to become part of a photo wall.  My idea is to mix some silver frames with a variety of wooden frames all painted in the same shade of white
(my favorite white, Antique White USA from Dulux).

 (ah, ghosting in the reflection is me and my bad hair day look)
This happy mushroom print from the fabric section - I am sure I have seen it elsewhere - does anyone know what collection it belongs to?

And these doilies are making my day everytime I walk past them.  I love the lime green and duck egg blue.  I am thinking of incorporating them into a cushion for my bright green sofa bed.
And crochet hooks, because you can never have too many of those!
Happy Sunday.  It is not too late to enter the give away - I will pick a winner tonight!

Trace xx


  1. Those doilies are beautiful!! They would look gorgeous on a green bed. Hope all is well :)

  2. i love the idea of mixing up frames and doing a photo wall..very clever!
    i love that mushroom print and the doilies too..very cute :)

  3. The photo wall sounds great!
    And the colour of those doilies is very unusual - gorgeous!

  4. I like a silver picture frame as well. Good find. xxNick

  5. That mushroom print fabric is AWESOME!! and those doilies are great too!! Great finds.

  6. Great finds. Love the doilies, I bet you could have guessed that though! Not sure what I will do with my thrifted tablecloth yet? I'm sure it will be destined for one of my creations. xo

  7. i love your frame and reflection!!!!
    i have recently taken up crochet so very much LOVING your pieces!!

    if you have time?!?!?!?


  8. Cute little doilies. Are they buttons in the middle? Lovely.

  9. Love that mushroom fabric and those doilies are gorgeous! I have a photo wall and I love it. Except I need to change some the photos cos they've been there for quite a few years now! You can see it in the last photo of this post
    Great finds!

  10. I really love that mushroom print - what will you do with the fabric? I like the idea of your photo wall - I think it will look very elegant actually!


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