Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Creative Space

Creative Spacing again with these other gals over here at Kirsty's 
I have been teaching myself free motion quilting, with some help from the crafty mother and a new sewing machine.

Today I stumbled upon this great tutorial at Oh,Fransson and wished I had looked here at bit first!

Anyway, still heaps more to do, so I can continue to work on my technique.  This quilt is for our bed, so no one will be able to scrutinize it too much (and the Mr thinks it looks pretty good).

Can I show off these drum shades again?  Mentioned previously here.
They really pull the room together and I am deleriously happy with them
And while we are talking Bourgie style, take a look at this frock I bought today from Rubylicious.  On sale, I asure you Mr Bountifully (and it is to wear to your graduation darling).

Apologies for the dodgy mirror shots...


  1. The shades look fabulous. I love the colour you've chosen.

  2. The free motion looks great! I'm going to give it a go soon too and you have inspired me to do it soon!

    I love your lights too. Fantastic :)

  3. Oh, goodness me, EVERYTHING in your space is perfection today Tracey. The quilting looks so gorgeous... the shades I have drooled over before... but the boots and dress?! Va va VOOM.

  4. Shades are looking great!!!
    As for your free motion, I adore anyone who is not affraid of sewing machine =D I've always wanted to try it out - but somehow....Mud seems nicer =D

  5. Love the dress! And the tip for free-motion quilting - gee I have been trying and its a really different experience - totally free-wheeling - so tks for the tip on tutorial. Tks for popping by my blog - will do a tute soon on the ladybird pincushion:)

  6. great use of the ink and spindle fabric, the light shades look fantastic! very jealous!!

  7. Great free styling and love those lamp shades.

  8. Great quilting - looks like a real beauty.
    Fantastic lamp shades too.

  9. Too much gorgeous-ness here Tracey... gorgorous quilt with super free motion quilting (well done to you!), super gorgeous lamp shades (they are FABULOUS!) and gorgeous dress. Hope the graduation goes well and you guys have a great night.


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