Thursday, November 5, 2009

High on Tea

Floral napkins made by me, along with the flourless chocolate cakes and orange and almond cakes
(both Donna Hay's from the tempting Modern Classic cookbook)

One very special High Tea with some classy ladies!

For the last 3 years I have had the privilege of living in a residential community with these women and their families (about 2o families all up!).  We are all from diverse backgrounds, and came together as our husbands were studying together at this Bible College.

One of the highlights of living here at But Har Gra (affectionately known as "the But") has been our weekly Bible Study.
The past two years I have been privileged to lead a group and this is my group this year and my co leader Katie (fabulous cook, fashionista and wanna be crafter - come on Katie, you so have it in you!).

Each week we have come together, looked after each others children, studied the Bible, prayed for each other, eaten yummy food, drank good coffee and shared the richest of friendships.

Sadly this is my last year living here and my family will be going back to Brisvegas and new families will move into the But.

I have been so changed and enriched by this experience.  You girls have loved me unconditionally, have encouraged me to be all I can be, have helped me to fix my eyes firmly on what is to come (eternity with God) and shown me that life here is abundant and full.  Yeap, my cup really does overflow.

Coming to Sydney to live here has helped me discover who I am and be happy in my own skin, to appreciate my gifts and talents, to honor and respect others and to desire to use all that I have for a higher purpose than myself.

Thank you But women and thank you God for bringing me here.

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