Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pink and Green love

Cost of purchasing all this fabric - don't ask... Having a few hours and the living room to myself to finally layer the quilt - priceless!

This quilt has been a huge undertaking, starting about 6 months ago. Like most things I do, I have not learnt to start small, but usually just jump right in. I have learnt heaps about quilting from doing this one - since starting I have actually finished two others. It was my original plan to send it away for machine quilting. However, then I thought it would never be all my work (not sure why this matters, but it somehow does for this one). The quilt is for our bed and is full of fabrics that I love. Lots of Amy Butler, a bit of Prints Charming, a bit of Urban Chicks, and even some nice peices I fell in love with at Spotlight...

So, now it is all layered and held together with a hundred or so safety pins and today, if the toddler obligues, I will have a go at machine quilting in the ditch and then slowly start hand quilting the detail inside the squares.

I had hoped to finish it by our wedding Anniversary in December... HeHe, maybe next years, darling (is there a fabric year in there anywhere for anniversaries?)


  1. It's gorgeous, Tracey! Lucky you to be allowed pink and green in your bedroom!

  2. Wow! Your quilt is really lovely. Green and pink together is one of my favourite combos... only eclipsed by pink and red! :)


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