Saturday, October 24, 2009

No Work Day

Our family tries to have a "No Work Day" once a week. This is usually on Saturday, unless I am working, sometimes it is only half a day. The idea is that we don't do any "work" which means, no study for Matt, no housework but the bare minimum, and we spend time together as a family. There will always be study and washing and vacuuming, and it will all still be there tomorrow!

Today I had a bit of mother and daughter time with Belle at Bicentennial park. We had a milk shake, fed the ducks (and carp and eels - yeek) and went searching for the Magic Faraway Tree in the "woods". We also visited our "secret garden" and looked out for spy's from the lookout. What a grand imagination Belle has!

Latter Matt and the kids went off on the train for another adventure and left me to do some blogging and sewing - more on that next week, but I have a lovely little event coming up that I have been sewing and baking for...

Dinner together at this super cool spot:

There was a picture of me, but I looked way more tired than I actually felt, so thought I would just show you these good looking guys...

Hmmm, yummy Japanese food, ordered via a touch screen, and even eaten by the peanut butter lovin 3 year old.

All up a great day, what do you get up to on your day "off"?
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