Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Homemade Home

Back on the topic of sustainablity again, prompted by my mini soap box on consumerism over at clutter punk.

Some of the things I have been making at home to reduce our purchasing and waste. Here is my homemade laundry powder. I love this so much - it smells fresh, does not irritate anyones skin and is kind to the environment. Also cheaper and less packaging - great!

I mix a few cups of Lux flakes with a bar of grated Sards soap (I grate it in my food processor for ease and to prevent bloodied finger tips) and a few cups of washing soda and about 20 drops lavender oil. Mix it all up and pop in a lovely canister (who said doing the washing was a bore?).

One can buy all these ingredients at the supermarket in the laundry aisle

I have also been whipping up some concoctions for me. I made these lovely blue flannels from an old muslin baby wrap last night. I use them with my homemade facial cleanser, instead of makeup removal wipes. The cleanser is 2 parts sweet almond oil, 1 part castile soap and about 10 drops of essential oil (I use lavender or rosemary). It is a great cleanser, even removing eye makeup and does not dry out my skin.

I also scent castile soap with essential oils and use as a body and hand wash. Castile soap can be bought fairly inexpensively in large bottles from ebay and other online soap makers.

Happy brewing!


  1. Hey thanks for the laundry powder recipe. I've wondered about making it before but only found american recipes with ingredients I didn't think I could get hold of. I might just give it a go when we get back to tas.

  2. Thank you for this guide to making washing detergent. I first made it about 6 months ago and absolutely LOVE the beautiful fresh smell it gives my washing as well as the results.

    I have just bought a new washing machine and decided this time to buy a front loader washing machine instead of the top loader I have always had. Am I able to use this detergent in my new machine. If not, do you have a recipe suitable for front loaders?


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