Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quilting and Jam

Last night I enjoyed making my first pot of Jam. First I hulled 500 gm of beautiful red strawberries and quartered them. Grab a large pot and sterilise jam jars in boiling water for about 10 min then into the oven to dry off. In same pot, boiled up the ripe fruit with a cup of sugar and a bit of water. A good splash of vanilla extract (no pods at present, otherwise would have put one in!), and a few peices of orange rind. With this lovely red mixture bubbled and released its lovely fruit perfume through the unit, I got to work on my quilt.

The quilt is of course a work in progress - though last night I managed to get all the blocks sewn together. Like the jam, it is my first! It is showcase of beautiful fabric squares sewn together. The pattern is from the book "Material Obsession" (love the title, it says it all). It will be a quilt for our bed. I have posted a picture of the blocks hanging, just waiting for another free night or hour to spare (pretty rare, but they come eventually) and I will sew them up to make the top.

About an hour later and the jam is jarred (flaked almonds tossed in at the end) and labeled and I am licking out the pot! Charming husband Matt has made a perfect flat white with Toby's Estate Decaf blend. Honestly tastes like the real thing and will not keep me up to all hours.

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  1. 'Twas great jam, Trace! Enjoyed it for brekky today. Could you make a cherry one, I wonder?


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