Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More Painting Things White: A Cane Table DIY

I've developed a thing for white cane furniture.  Surrounded by lush indoor foliage, some black and white and a dash of blue or yellow, it looks so tropical.

I have had the good fortune of scoring a few cane pieces from op shops, so I thought I would share with you the process I took to redo a little side table.

Here's the before:

Look, I scored another one from the local oppie! Still deliberating about colours to paint them. Will probably go with white. Though black lacquer is still a possibility...

I gave it a good clean up, using a brush to get all the dust off and then gave it a good clean in with some sugar soap.  Because the cane was lacquered and I had zero desire to sand it, I prepped with my old friend Zinsser.  Apparently you can get Zinsser primer in a spray can, but I have yet to find it at the hardware store.  I used a soft, round furniture painting brush to apply a light coat all over.  Fiddly.

Prepping with zinsser. Tricky sticks...

I purchased 3 cans of White Knight Quick Dry Satin Enamel in, well, White.  I was a little worried because we know that there are whites and there are whites, you know.  Happy to say this is a nice, fresh, soft white and the Satin was the perfect low sheen cover that I was looking for.


Spray painting is not the most efficient use of paint.  I only just had enough.  Make sure you are outside when spraying, this stuff stinks.  There are many things in life I don't understand.  The desire to sniff paint is one of them...

I grabbed a few big boxes from the pile at Bunnings and used this to surround the table and minimise painting my lawn.  Contrary to poplular opinion, I do not paint EVERYTHING white.

Will take a pic styled inside next week, but couldn't wait to show her off. Very happy with the result. I am going to do a blog post with the details next week!

Two coats, an hour apart and it was done.  I left it for 24 hrs to fully harden before bringing it upstairs to find it a home/styling it/spill my coffee on it.

Here she is in her new home. I am loving the white. Always a good choice I think.  I have been in bed all morning with the mother of all migraines. Thankfully up and about now and about to pour myself a double espresso to help keep the pain at bay. What a

I have another table in the pipe line and am currently stalking a few on Ebay.  Next project to tackle is a big old dark brown bookcase that I am sure really, really wants to be white too.  For that one I am going to overcome my fear of power tools and use my dad's spray paint compressor thingy...yes, I know all the right words.

Trace xx


  1. Love it!

    I have a mild obsession with lacquer black as you know (from Instagram)

    I think upcycling is the way forward and you've done a sterling job with that find.

  2. Looks great. Spray paint makes a fiddly job like this so much easier.

  3. Awesome job Tracey, I love it and you have styled it beautifully.

  4. Hi just stumbled upon your lovely blog. Great revamp. I hav a similar table on my to do list. Were you happy with the spray paint? I haven't used it enforce but it looks like the easiest option with the lattice.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I love the white, and with your help I'll hopefully do something similar to my old cane table.


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