Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Homemade Almond and Cranberry Muesli

  The problem I find with muesli is that the baked stuff is yummy, but full of calories and the natural stuff tastes like something you should feed to a horse.

This recipe is my compromise.  It is my little bit naughty, little bit good for you muesli. Oh and it is a good bit nice!

Set your oven to about 180 degree celcius and line two baking trays with baking paper.  Then in a large bowl combine about half a large bag of natural oats (use the good ones here people, we are not looking to make horse food).  Mix in about 1 and a half cups of flaked almonds, half a cup of L.S.A mix (or you could just use hazelnut or almond meal, but LSA will make your insides feel good) and half a teaspoon of salt flakes.  Add to this some pear juice (you can buy this in tins at the supermarket. I would say about half a tin will do you.) and 2 teaspoons vanilla extract and 3 teaspoons ground cinnamon.  Finally add 3 tablespoons of oil (not olive, something without much flavour - I use grapeseed). 

Mix it all up, and it should form little clumpy clustery things. If not, you might need to add a bit more pear juice.  Tip it out onto the baking trays, making sure it is not too thick and pop into the oven to roast.  It should take about 15 - 20 minutes. 

Keep an eye on it, because you want it golden brown, but not burnt.  It helps to move it around with a wooden spoon half way through cooking, as the edges cook faster.  You might need to do this in a few batches - it will not roast properly if your layering is too thick.

When the nut/oat clusters have roasted and cooled, mix them with the remaining half packet of oats, 1 cup of pepitas and 1-2 cups of dried cranberries. Try not to munch on too much now, or you won't have enough for brekkie! Mix well and pop in an airtight container.  I put mine in this Jar and put it out on display, because I think it looks pretty and I feel all virtuous when I pass by and see it sitting there.

Now, importantly, how to eat this stuff.  I suppose it would be fine just to have it with milk.  I prefer about 1/3 cup of muesli with a few tablespoons of natural yogurt.  You could top with honey if you need to, but I think it is just fine on its own.  It is also nice as a topping on fruit and yogurt, rasberries would be particularly good I think.

Obviously you could use different fruit and nuts.  I am thinking of trying it with hazelnuts and dried apple.  It occurs to me that you could add maple syrup to the pear juice and use pecans too.

So there you have it, let me know if you make it, would love to know what you think!

Trace xx


  1. Sounds heaven!! Can't wait to try writing cranberries on my shopping list as we speak. Hope all is well in your world :)

  2. Sounds delicious. How many servings does your recipe make? I must give first. While crumpets or English Muffins with marmalade are my preferred breakfast I also on occasions eat the 97% fat-free variety of muesli. I agree it tastes of livestock feed however I find it can be vastly improved, to the point of being edible, if combined with plain yoghurt and tinned peaches in natural juice, or even nicer in mango juice). Let plenty of the juice soak into the muesli!!!!

  3. I must proof-read my musings before posting! A typo in my previous comment left the third sentence not making sense. I'm not sure how it happened but I meant to say "I must go shopping at the supermarket first". Sorry.

  4. oh, that sounds yummy! I've got to ask though, how chewy is it? I am a lazy chewer and two mouthfuls into a bowl of museli, I am generally 'over it' I am thinking the baking might help this along though?

  5. Sounds delicious...I've racked my brain and can't figure out what LSA milk

  6. Wow, that looks and sounds so yummy

  7. I'm off to craft camp tomorrow and need to supply brekky. I woke this morning thinking: I KNOW! I can start by making T's DIVINE muesli. Then the whole family cheered and instructed the making of LOTS.


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