Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jar Salads

I came by this very neat little salad idea on Pinterest some time ago.  The idea is that you get yourself some cute little jars and make up 3-4 days worth of salads in advance, ready to grab on you way out to work in the morning, or to spare you from eating the crusts off your kids sandwiches for lunch (or was that just me when mine were small?).

Jar salads! Details on the blog later tonight #salad #jarsalad

You pop the dressing and heavy stuff down the bottom and layer up as you go.  These ones have left over ground beef with kidney beans, but you can use pretty much anything there.  Some of my faves:

  • poached chicken and fetta
  • roasted sweet potato and haloumi cheese
  • tuna slices, a hard boiled egg and blanched green beans
I often toss in some Chia seeds or Sunflower seeds at the end.  For a dressing I use a mix of sherry vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

No excuses now for not getting your fill of veggies!

Great to be back in this little space, by the way.  I have been kinda distracted by, well, living this fun filled busy little old life of mine.  And also by Pinterest, and Instagram... follow these linkies to find me (my linkies up the top are giving me grief).

Trace xx

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