Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Autumn School Vacation

So I have the smalls (by the day getting not so small...) at home for their autumn school vacation.  A few days will be taken up with the school vacation care program (I still have to work my two days) but for the rest I am looking forward to having them around.  I like my kids.  They are all sorts of fun.

Today we:
Went to the gym.  The kids spent an hour in the play centre, catching up with the gyms kiddy carer, Taz, who they have missed since last hols.  I sweated it out in my ABT class
Had coffee together at the gym cafe.  I love my local gym, it is small, family run and has a great little espresso bar attached, run by my friend Bree.  That girl makes a great coffee, a hidden gem in our little part of suburbia.
Off to the oppie, not to shop, but to unload a boot full of stuff from our last clean out.  Well, they do love helping...
Grocery shop.  The Boy got to practice counting and reading skills to help choose the fruit and veg (6 nice brown mushrooms mum?).  We decided to make mini hot dogs for lunch when we spied a nice looking tube of mustard.
$1 Tuesday and the DVD shop.  One DVD each.  Diego and Barney.  I love how they go for the little kid stuff, even though they are big kids now.
Home for hot dogs.  We heated some mini bake at home bread rolls in the oven, then sliced them open and popped in the little frankfurters, tomato sauce and of course the fancy mustard.
Pizza dough mixing and kneading, ready for dins tonight.  Corned Beef on to simmer, rhubarb on to stew.
Salt dough mixing, sculpting and some rainbow crayon drawing.
My am I exhausted! Good thing we rented those DVDs....

How do you spend your school vacation with your kids?

Trace xx

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