Sunday, March 11, 2012

Metalicus Inspired Long Tank Dress

I am thinking old girls like me should not hunch over the floor cutting and pinning and shaping all day.  I had fun and in one day I actually made something, however a few days on I am paying for it with a day in bed with back pain.

To the dress, which is more interesting than listening to me whinge about my back.  Apologies for the phone photo. Yes, that is a lot of doctors room type stuff, pap smear stuff to be specific, for I had no time to take the picture before I left for work.

I found this mustard-y-yellow stretchy gauze type fabric on the sale rack at Spottie last week.  For $5 a meter I grabbed a few meters, thinking it would make a great long tank dress.

The details: I used a firm fitting long tank I already owned to cut out a pattern.  I traced straight onto the fabric,on the folding, using the first piece as my pattern.  My tank only goes mid thigh, so I made a gentle, slight A line down to floor length.  The fabric was very thin, so I cut out 4 pieces, sewing 2 dresses, so to speak, then attaching them together around the neck line, in the same way you would line a bag. I then top stitched the neckline layers so they would sit well

I then had no idea how to hem around the arm holes, so I simply zig zagged the layers together then made a long strip of ruffles sewing them over the raw edges.  I left the bottom un-hemmed, though adding another ruffle did occur to me.

All up I am pretty chuffed with the result.  Here I am wearing the dress with a low belt.  I also had on a pale blue and white stripped jacket that day and nude heels.  Later in the week I wore it with a bright blue belt on the waist and blue ballet flats for a more casual look.  I am thinking in winter it would look great with my black jacket and boots, or perhaps a grey waterfall cardigan.

When I showed the dress off to Bungalow Girl, she mentioned she was nervous about sewing with knits.  Do not be nervous people, just go slow and use a narrow zig zag stitch.  Though next time I am going to have a go with a double needle, if i can find one to fit old Hilda.



  1. You are such a babe. Like I said the other day, this dress is so flattering on you and an amazing colour. Well done. You could actually sell this for a large sum I think, there is nothing like it anywhere. I am trying to wear more colour and it is so hard to find the clothes. melx

  2. Great colour for winter! :) You have done a great job. I don't know what I would do with the arm holes either.
    I just bought some red and white stripe knit fabric to make a maternity skirt out of - I've never sewn with knits before, so wish me luck! :)

  3. Ooh what a gorgeous colored dress! I've been thinking about making my own maxi dress after all the hoo-haa over on Styling You about the Seed Tube dress, I can only try!

  4. Fabulous colour. Have always been scared of knits and probably always will be. I'll stick to cotton dresses and live vicariously, or perhaps that should be blogariously, through others instead.

  5. It is stunning! You look so very very very terrific. I love it. Brilliant. You have beautiful style.

  6. Finally I have stopped sneakily checking out your blog whenever I happen to remember it... and have subscribed! Gorgeous dress, gorgeous colour. Thanks to your lovely blog, my miserable day off sick today has been brightened with some gorgeous colour and stories (and more than a little inspiration from (envy of?) your wonderful outlook on your world). Cheers Tracey, I dare you to bring some vintage styling to the gym ;) x

  7. Oh geez. The universe is sending me pap smear reminders left, right and centre. OK ALREADY! I'm not that late!

    Dress is utterly fabulous. (I squinted past the pap smear paraphernalia).

  8. I love it Tracey!
    Also love the room view- as I'm currently sitting in it :)
    I am so impressed with your sewing ability.
    Rebecca x


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