Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Campervan-ing in New Zealand:Food

The bounttifully fam sent overselves over the ocean to the land of the All Blacks, funny looking nocturnal birds and strangely amusing air travel safety videos, for our annual summer holiday to some-place-less- hot-than-Queensland.

This was our third holiday in a Campervan.  I hope it does not sound too boastful to say that we are getting good at it now.  We are hooked on the mobile holiday home concept and I have spent the last week scrolling the classifieds for a second hand caravan to call our (vintage/homemade/quirky) own.

Today begins a series of posts dedicated to our holiday and the bountiful delights we found in New Zealand.  Let us start with food, shall we?

The advantage of having a campervan/caravan is that you carry your food with you.  Once you have gathered some supplies from the local supermarket, topped up by some road side farm stalls and a trip to the local providore, then you are all set for the self catering holiday.  Apart from saving money, you get to munch at lovely locations.  The following lunch was taken after playing in the snow on the Milford road with a back drop of snow capped mountains and cheeky Kea's.


We literally stuffed ourselves on berries, cherries and apples, all at wonderful in-season prices.  We also managed to find great coffee, the best hot chocolate ever, and hand crafted sour dough breads.  It seems my fear that our holiday would be supermarket bread and instant coffee was completely groundless!

Keeping it simple is the key to food on the go.  With a small fridge and pantry and without the pantry basics from home, it is a challenge to come up with good meals.  Some of our favorites: one pan chicken, balsamic and lentil hot pot; teriyaki beef with crisp green salad and buttered noodles; chinese styled pork mince stuffed into iceberg lettuce leafs.  We of course availed ourselves of the cool climate wines New Zealand is famous for, Pinot Gris being one of my favourites.

The smalls loved the local Dairy's and the $2 ice cream cones made with creamy New Zealand Ice Cream.  The promise of this each day sent them off to sleep in their cosy little shared bed tucked above the driving cabin, without fighting or giggling.  Daylight saving and the long twilight made getting these guys off to sleep a challenge.

Next time, some pictures of the Queenstown market and the New Zealand wool and I just had to buy while the others were outside scoffing ice cream....

Trace xx


  1. My in-laws live smack in the middle of South Island wine territory, so I know very well where you're coming from or, should I say, where you've been!

    You're little ones aren't the only ones who struggle with twilight either. Loved it when I was younger and lived in London but now, not so much...

  2. Nom nom nom. You've made me hungry now! Looking forward to the next installment too. :)

  3. OOh NZ is in our wish list, sound like a great trip!Looking forward to more pics!

  4. Hilarious video even without sound, (I have no sound card) and he almost misses step there at 2:10! hah.
    The Mr is a kiwi so weve done some of our most memorable family trips in a van similar. We woke up to a deer walking around the van one night in Mount Cook National park leaving footprints in the snow. Such beautiful country!
    Nice to have you back in oz,


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