Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hilda's Coat

How ridiculously neglected this blog has been.  My life and thoughts are thoroughly filled with good, bountifully things.  Lovely new fabric from the Crafty Mothers recent shopping spree in Houston, a number of great books read, delicious meals, flowering gardens.  Life is busy and I am lazily enjoying it, well, there it is really.

Hilda's new coat is almost completely bound, though it has a needle and thread hanging from one side, it still does the job of protecting her from dust while awaiting it's finishing touches.

Pretty flowers, not from my garden, but from a Church function I catered for this morning.  I am loving the purple-y lilac with the orange.

Trace xx


  1. I dream of having flower like that in my garden! Just beautiful.

  2. Love that little coat. I had been plotting something similar for my still unnamed machine. Makes me want to go and just sew some vintage bits together right now. melx


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