Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Oh yes, there are Ghosts in my living room.  Not of the spooky kind, mind you, of the replica Philippe Starck variety.

I have been much-ly desiring this style of chair for many moons.  The impetuous impetus to purchase them came after having my extended family over and us not having enough chairs.  Well, that and a post general anaesthetic daze (that is my story, Mr B, and I am sticking to it).

These pictures are the first the Mr, who is in Sydney this week - lucky chap, will see of our new dining area.  Come on now, darling, they do look noice...

Trace xx


  1. They do indeed look wonderful! I have been wanting one or two of them to add to my collection of chairs for a while, but we bought a set of 8 chairs from a furniture recycler a while back, so we don't really need them. Maybe I'll have one for an office chair one day ;)

  2. They look great! I love a mix of chairs around the table rather than everything matching. Hope your day is great! Tammy

  3. I have been coveting the ghost chairs for years!

    THey look wonderful in your space :)

  4. Like you, I have been coveting one (or six) and the same for YONKS. I tell myself that the Weetbix fingerprints would do my head in. (I'm gonna need a usability report pleeze)...


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