Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hey look, I am knitting!  I have attempted this pattern 3 times in the past, so yes, this is number 4.  I was told years ago it would be a good beginner pattern.  Unfortunately said person had woefully underestimated how much I suck at knitting...

However, I have now mastered, thanks to my friends on You Tube, the Longtail Cast-0n method, how to knit in the round, the Magic Loop Method and last but not least, the Continental knitting method.  The later was suggested by Tania who triple dared me to give it a go.  Being the slightly competitive type that I am, the triple dare was all I needed to give it another go...

Well, I also needed yarn and proper circular needles.  I have bucket loads of yarn from here, which is very nice, but for ages I have had a yarn crush on just about everything from Pickles.  I am trying hard not to contemplate the yarn miles that went into shipping me my super soft, hand dyed merino wool from Oslo, but here I have it none the less and I do indeed love it.  And a new pair of bamboo needles, which I have found much preferable to my old clickity clacks.

Need to say more?  Yarn from Pickles, pattern from here.

Trace xx

 *ok now knit-y types, please don't look too close or you will see the big error of my ribbing ways
** yes, this is the second time in the last month I have linked back to Tania.  Well, she is super awesome and so very good at yarn type stuff (and the rest!)


  1. Mmmm. Yummy squishy looking yarn. How different are you new needles to your old ones (were the old ones plastic, or metal?)?

  2. I think it looks great! But then again I can't knit LOL
    I love the yarn!

  3. Good on you for persevering! Knitting and I have had a long and difficult history too, but learning to crochet has helped me with learning to knit.

    I still haven't tried the long cast on method or knitting in the round yet. But they are on my list of things to learn.

    The yarn looks wonderful and I thought the ribbing mistake was actually part of the design! :)

  4. old needles were metal and went click clack, they were too slippery and the join not flexible enough

  5. Knitting in the round just looks like a freaky bizarre thing to do. Being a complete non knitter it also looks incredibly impressive from my view point. Wool looks lovely. Melx

  6. oooh I do so like this yarn....very pretty and definitely worth all the miles it has travelled to get to you!! TK xx

  7. Looking great! I haven't knitted for such a long time... but as the days get colder it does seem more appealing. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  8. Beautiful yarn, such a zingy colour. I feel it was well justified to get it sent over from Norway! I have not knitted anything for a while, I am in full crochet mode at the moment. I feel the urge to get the knitting needles out and have a go. Lovely blog. x

  9. Looks fab! Hooray for you and your fourth time lucky.
    That top is going to look gorgeous in that yarn and you are going to be so proud of your self for making it. happy weekend.

  10. That yarn looks beautiful. I think you're doing a great job, it will be worth all that perseverance. xo


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