Thursday, May 19, 2011

lucky little 'ol me

Lucky me to win not one, but two give aways recently!  Isn't it lovely when you get things in the post?

First came Christina's Scotty Dog pendant.

 The picture is from Christina's blog.  I love Christina's blog, it is one of the ones I look at immediately when it pops up in my reader.  Not only am I in love with her jewellery (I have given her store details to the Mr, hoping that one day some more loveliness will come my way), but she knits and crochets, and I do adore her colour ways.

Another girl who knows a thing or two about colour is Melissa.  I love Melissa's blog too, and yeap, it is another one on my must read list.  The lovely Melissa sent me this sweet pincushion and mug rug.  I have never had a mug rug.  I put it on my desk at work and clients commented on it all day.  I am indeed glad to now have such a pretty rug for my morning coffee.  I love what Melissa does with vintage sheets and linen.  Her quilts are spectacular, sigh...

pin cushion made by Melissa of Clothwork

mug rug made by Melissa of clothwork

Thank you ladies, love your work, but you already new that I hope!

Trace xx


  1. Oh you have been lucky with your blog wins, you got some beautiful treasures. Both of these lovely ladies are so talented, their work is always so beautiful I agree. Enjoy your lovely wins.:)

  2. Oh, thank you for your kind words! I hope these little wins are just the start of a run of good karma for you with more goodness to come your way. :)

  3. Lucky your are indeed! Fancy winning twice, 2 such lovely things. I've popped over to look at their blogs and I can see why they are 2 of your favourites.
    Teresa x

  4. Hello! I found Your lovely blog! You have so many beautiful pictures! Greetings from romulyyli-blog / Riitta Sinikka

  5. That necklace is just adorable, congratulations!


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