Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thrifted Wardrobe Revisited

I thought today I would revisit my thrifted wardrobe posts.  Now I am mighty camera shy, so it is with nervous hand wringing that I post a picture of moi in my thrifted finds.

Today in the Brissy heat while searching for something to wear to my non-airconditioned church, I had the thought to dress down this strapless evening dress with a little white t shirt, and low heels.

Dress opted Purplepatch
T Shirt opted Country Road
Shoes bought new, Dianne Ferrari

I think this outfit works for me as the t shirt gives a bit of balance to the ample bosom, the waist is fitted where I am the smallest and their is a bit of runching to hide the tum.

What have you found at the oppie lately?  See what else has been found at Sophies


  1. What a lovely outfit! I love it with the tee, I would need to do something like that. There are no strapless dresses in my future, unless I find one heavily boned and corseted but I do prefer to breath!

  2. You look fabulous, woman! And you know I'm sold on a fitted waist...

  3. know what you mean about the buste, here's another one...
    plain and simple. it's perfect!

  4. Love the way you used the t-shirt with it, looks really smart! Wish I had curves like that, you have the prefect figure, Im about as shapely as a 2 x 4. You would look so amazing in a 50s dress!

  5. Very flattering dress Trace, I think it would also look great with a little crocheted style cropped cardi/bolero which would also make it casual- perhaps you could just whip one up before next weekend?

  6. Hello! I thought I'd pop in and say 'hi'! Loving your choice in outfits (and that you op-shop like me). I might just be popping in and visiting again sometime very soon!

    What a delightful space you have here. And yummy too (I love food)! xx

  7. You look gorgeous Tracey - dont be shy! I would never have thought to wear those two together but its looks fabulous!

  8. Fabulous idea to put a t-shirt under a strapless dress. I can imagine it would look great dressed up for an evening out too. I'm not comfortable wearing strapless dresses but some are so nice and this would be a great compromise!
    Teresa x

  9. Very gorgeous Tracey. I feel your bravery.


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