Thursday, January 13, 2011

Buttoning Down the Hatches

That is what we are doing here in Brisbane, and in so many other parts of Australia.  Our house is high up and unaffected by the flooding.  Brisbane feels like it is working in slow motion.  Businesses are closed, roads cut, local playgrounds flooded.

I have been doing a bit of button-y fiddling while The Boy and the Little Miss are otherwise engaged (how thankful I am for ABC kids...)You all know how comforting little activities are in troublesome times.

The Mr has taken a strong dislike to this poster.  He thinks it should read something like this:

"In times of trouble, hold onto God and wait for The Day".

The Day meaning the day that Jesus returns to end suffering and make all things new.  Amen to that, though even the Mr agrees this saying is way to wordy for poster art, and we shall agree to think of the revised statement whenever we wonder past the offending poster.

Thank you to those who have emailed and facebook-ed your love and concerns.

One can donate to the Queensland Premiers Flood Relief Fund here.

Trace xx

Edit: Two more ways to help!  Online Handmade Auction with proceeds to the flood relief - details here; and a generous bunch of Etsy sellers are donating proceeds from selected purchases - details here.


  1. So glad to here all is well with you. I like your husbands saying, it's sweet. Take care xox

  2. Take care... I kind of like your husband's version too. And the buttons look gorgeous

  3. I saw all these buttons in my blogroll and had to pop over. My mother just spent two days {whole days virtually} sorting her button collection into colour coded groups while waiting for the flood waters to go down in Gympie.

    Take care.

  4. Take care and keep safe. Thinking of you in the US. The videos and picture brought me to tears.

  5. Love your husbands version, and your blog, that I have just stumbled across! Hi! Glad all is well with you!! xx

  6. Yes, the simple and destracting pleasures are great for passing the time.
    I'm glad to hear you are well.
    my thoughts are with those who are not so comfortable!
    Ciao Bella.

    Carmelina Carmelina

  7. I have just returned from a trip to QLD & my thoughts were with you over this past few weeks, wondering if you were all okay, the little simple things are SO SO precious. Praying that God helps at this time, & is it not true that our times TRULY are in His hands!! TK xx

  8. I'm so glad that you're all okay.

  9. Thank goodness your house is okay. Sending lots of love to everyone in QLD and other areas affected by the floods. xx

  10. hi Trace, glad you were ok in the floods. your button collection is inspiring - mine is slowly growing at the bottom of a very LARGE jar ;) cheers.


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