Friday, September 17, 2010

Tips and Tricks: Twine dispenser

what is not to love about natural twine?
cheap as chips from your local hardware store (though this roll I actually picked up for 50c at the oppie),
lovely tied around a brown paper package, used as the backbone of a garland or to attach your home made ornaments to your Christmas tree.

Here I have used a large strawberry punnet to house my twine ball.
I have threaded the end through one of the little holes in the lid and there you have it, instant twine dispenser!

Do you love twine?  What do you use it for?

Trace xx


  1. I really do love it too! I have my small ball on the floor at the moment as I am going to make a garland soon. Only problem I have with that, is that its so thick on the needle and I struggle to get it though the stuffed items. Any ideas there?

  2. Mine still has the getting-more-damaged-by the hour-box around it...Im gonna do what youre doing. Cheers :)

  3. thankyou - this is a fab idea - I am a HUGE lover of said twine....

  4. You clever cookie! Love, love, love twine and use it all over the place. Have been a terrible blogger of late (not alot of visiting) have spent a lovely time pottering through your last posts. Am so going to make your chicken stock and potato salad. The New Farm Markets sound lovely too. HOpe all is wonderful in your world :)

  5. LOVE the stuff. Use it for everything. Love the rustic look. It's actually expensive at our local hardware store. Most expensive of all the strings/twines. I get it from those cheap asian stores.


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