Friday, June 11, 2010

{apron love}

What is not to love about a good apron?
for me, it is the full apron all the way,
preferably of the wrap around variety
as things can get pretty messy in the bountifully kitchen.

With such a love of aprons, how could I not join in with Sarah's
apron swap?

Here is the apron I made for my swap partner Sue
from the UK

I do believe she likes it - phew!

And here is the lovely number she whipped up for me

full length, gently tapering, wrap around and reversible to boot!
A happy swapper I am indeed.

And while we are talking aprons,
this lovely number was made by the generous Jenny at Ohjoh
which I was fortunate to win a month or so ago.

Now Jenny sells these wonderfully made aprons online
so if you have apron love and missed out on the swap,
you might want to go and visit her...

Happy Cooking!

Trace xx


  1. Oh aren't you lovely!! Thanks for the plug.
    Hope you are cooking up a storm and looking divine whilst you're doing it!!!
    My apron swap arrived this morning and I'm about to open it .....
    Thanks again

  2. ohhh wow!!!! i absolutely LOVE the apron you made, that is amazing.

  3. They all look fantastic! I love the one you made, gorgeous with the floral on stripes.

  4. I did indeed love the apron you made me and I'm glad you liked the one I made you. The one Jenny made is gorgeous, very glam.

  5. The apron that you made is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. So many beautiful aprons. Ace indeedy :)

  7. That red and white apron is making me swoon! I love the red strips and cabbage roses. Simply lovely!

    julie k @


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