Thursday, May 20, 2010

Creative Space - soothing craft

It has been a stressful week 
nothing overwhelming, but it has been an emotional drain
maybe too much happening all at once
I am a bit of a slow to adjust kind of girl

So creatively this week I have turned to that most soothing of domestic arts -
A few trims, a flower, a lacy scarf

Enamored with this book, recommended by Kate, hoping a copy will come my way birthday time (are you reading Mr?).

The scarf pattern is ever so easy - there is a link to it on my "make" page

Hope to be back to myself next week,
but for now I am just going to be, 
hang out with the boy, bake some bread, play box houses, my kinda relaxation...

Hop over here to see some more creativity.

Trace xx
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  1. Your crochet is beautiful...I'll have to check out that book for some lovely ideas...

  2. I really must learn how to crochet..... they look great! P.S. Your blog is looking very pretty at the moment - well done! Still looking for the time to do something about mine..... soon.

  3. You sound just like me, when I'm overloaded and stressed and just plum worn out...i turn to crochet too!

    it really is a soothing therapy!

    cute creations!
    ciao bella
    come see me...I have a breath of fresh air waiting for you on my blog!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. I love that green one Tracey, is it small, like the spools you've photographed it with? Saw someone doing crocheted trim on vintage fabric pillowcases. Looked beautiful. Stay sane. Be good. Things are a little too frantic here. Always too much laundry to do! The work never ends. But it's never dull!

  5. It all looks so gorgeous! I hope your week gets less stressfull very quickly.

  6. Some deep breaths and a bit of crocheting will always do the trick.

  7. Your crochet looks great! I am just teaching myself to crochet and yes it is so soothing. I wish I had found crochet years ago.

  8. Looks wonderful! Sending happy, calm and invigorating days your way! Hope you have the happiest of Fridays :)

  9. Those colours are soothing alone, nevermind the process. I definitely hear you. I have been husband-less for 6 days now and as a result crafting up a storm in the evenings. Loving it. So relaxing and satisfying. xo m.

  10. Wow I like that scarf! I definitely need to learn how to crochet...I need a soothing craft which is also portable.

  11. Beautiful colors...hope your week is calming and soothing.

  12. * jumps up and down *

    I made the scarf and am now on to the second one!

    Super awesome loveliness!!


  13. i think crochet is a very fine form of relaxation. yours looks great


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