Monday, April 19, 2010

The Mr Hearts the Quilt!

Last December the Mr and I celebrated out 12th Wedding Anniversary.

To mark the occassion and, well, to justify spending money on fabric, I started making this quilt.

12 years, I am told through my Google searching, is traditionally gifted with Linen, so I have bordered the anniversary quilt with some cream colored linen, which I may do some freeform, hand quilting on at some point.

Last night, when Brisbane experienced a bit of Autumnal weather, the Mr retreated to the bedroom to read his book, and pull up the quilt.

It is a bit of a girly quilt, I gotta admit, but he (suprisingly)loves it, and it is a perfect weight for Brisbane winter.

Will get out and take some better pictures in the morning light once the binding is all completed!


  1. Hey mate, love Mr Bountiful and the quilt! When do ya want to meet at Byron?

  2. that is the photo and the quilt you are the one that loves Mr Bountiful - sorry sounded funny when I read it back!

  3. Hi Tracey
    Just popped in to say "Congratulations" you've won my apron giveaway!
    If you can email me your details I'll pop it in the post! thanks for popping by and love the quilt!

  4. love it! looks very cosy and snug


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