Thursday, April 8, 2010

Creative Space

Experimenting with a bit of vintage lately.  This is a bag in the making, fabric repurposed from Reverse Garbage in Sydney and vintage floral fabric (it is as old as me...) from my mum's stash.  

Oh and here is the little heroine featured in this space.  I thought she looked a bit "go girl" so took her to work and popped her on my desk (I work in women's health).  She has been a hit, and lots of clients are loving seeing a bit of handmade in an otherwise clinical space.

Time to check out some more groove over at Kootoyoo


  1. Loving the beginnings of your bag!

  2. Great use for the re-purposed fabric.

    How great that your little dew drop girl is making others smile - good on you!

  3. awww soooo cute! she makes me smile too :)

  4. That gorgeous dolly would absolutely brighten my day if I was in at the clinic.

    And LOVING the look of the bag. What pattern are you using? Or are you (gasp) winging it?!

  5. She certainly look like a "go girl" ... she'd make me smile if I was at a clinic.
    Materials for your bag look wonderful... looking forward very much to seeing the finished product.


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