Friday, February 12, 2010

The Potager (part 1)

Why hello there!
I have had a longer bloggy break then anticipated, it is hard moving some place new - you understand, right?

  The Potager garden is under construction!  Unfortunately not in the front garden, but here, out the back, as a compromise with Mr Bountifully.  Looking a bit scraggy now, I know, but the cardboard is to kill off the grass and weeds, then I will erect the walls and start layering for a no dig/raised garden bed.

A few more photos of green things - we have had so much rain, that I actually have green to show you.  This little (previously) unused patio is becoming my herb garden and a refuge for more shady characters loving plants.

Don't you just love the old blue chair in the background?  Bought by my lovely crafty mother at a country oldwares store.

The old colander above was found, along with some old bakers tins, at the Cambooya tip shop during a recent visit to my inlaws.  Oh I had fun scrounging through that old place!

More blog entries to come over the next few days - thought I better space them out a bit, instead of overwhelming you two months of manic home making!

love, Trace xx

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