Monday, July 27, 2009


Today I have been thinking again about mine and my families lifestyle and our desire to be more sustainable and be less of a consumerist. I have been encouraged by this blog and this one, to make more things at home and to not buy new things when I have so much already.

We are living in a unit now, but will be moving into a house at the end of the year. I have been planing out the new house in my visual diary for ages now! I am really looking forward to having more space. But more space means more furniture, which I really do not want to buy new. To my excitement we discovered this fabulous chair on the road side on the way to church yesterday. It is in great condition, though I would love to recover it in a funky fabric. We also found a Freedom arm chair and ottoman, that are clean and in great condition, just looking for some more modern upholstery.

I have also been reading Heather Ross' book "Weekend Sewing" and absolutely LOVE her sewing cupboard, made from a TV cabinet. I am now scouring the internet for one just like it for the new place.

I am also planing the veggie garden I hope to plant in pots on an unused little patio in the new house. I have been reading up on organic and pot veggie gardening and cannot wait to get started!

Today I tried my hand at home coffee roasting in our pop corn maker. I think it went ok - the proof will be in the tasting, and this will have to wait until tomorrow!

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  1. This is great - and it'll be inspiring to see what you come up with. The same blogs have played a part in my own transforming attitude towards sustainable living. I think for a long time I adopted an 'upgrade' mentality without thinking - must get bigger, better, more. Now I feel far more content with what I have, praise God!


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